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Learn how to yodel with Atz Kilcher

Learn how to Yodel with Atz Kilcher

I’m happy to share a little instruction video on yodeling. Brought to you by popular request on my Facebook page! So keep those questions and comments coming. 

Here is the transcript of the video.

There’s one major problem when you are a yodeler. Everyone wants to hear you yodel. They don’t want to hear your stories, they don’t want to hear your songs. They just want to hear you yodeling.

“Hey, are you the guy I hear yodeling? I want to hear you yodel!”

It gets to be a problem. Then you gotta teach people how to yodel, then you gotta yodel, and then people laugh and you gotta yodel some more! It’s a major problem.

I love it.

I come from a long line of yodelers, I love it when people want me to yodel, I love it when they want me to teach them how to yodel. But, that’s a little trickier. You know I can say – Do after me.


So what is yodeling? Well, it’s making your vocal chords jump around and do crazy things. You’re going from your chest voice to your head voice and then you do the tarzan whoop in between. That’s all yodeling is, don’t let anybody fool you and make you think it’s all complicated.

Every culture, every civilization, has some way of playing with that high voice. You’ve seen ‘The Lion King’ right?

The wolves do it, the coyotes do it, the whole world yodels! Get on the bandwagon, I’ll show you how.

The other part of yodeling is you gotta make up a bunch of silly syllables. So while your voice is jumping up and down and up and down you gotta go – doodle addle doodlaah bopp. Those are called nonsense syllables, anybody can do it! A kid can do it. Make up silly syllables. Make your voice go crazy and you got it.

I heard a guy one time yodeling like a chicken. I heard a spanish guy one time yodeling like a trumpet!

Come on. How easy is it!

Get on the yodeling bandwagon with me. We’ll do it together.


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