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I am a songwriter. Finally.

The older you get, the easier it is to reminisce, to look back on your glory days, to review the highlights of your life.

I am not sure when my identity began evolving and developing, but I do know that when I wrote my first song at about age 13, There was no doubt in my mind: I was a songwriter.

As  I sat listening to our battery operated radio in our cabin on the homestead, where I heard the Grand Ole’ Opry and was introduced to many great singer songwriters, I just knew my day would come.

Well folks it just came! I’m headed for Deadwood South Dakota to the Wild West Songwriters Festival.

I have arrived! Age 70! I’m a songwriter!

The older you get the more exciting it is to have something to look forward to, not just back on. So to all of you out there, keep dreaming, keep looking forward, keep finding something to be excited about every day.

You can see the full schedule for the festival here. My Schedule highlights are below.

  • Friday, October 13th at the Scott Jacobs Gallery 3-4pm
  • Saturday, October 14th at the Wild Bill Saloon Hall and Theater 3-4pm
  • I’ve been invited to join the All Star Jam on Saturday, October 14th at the Deadwood Mountain Grand 8:30-10pm



  1. Kudos to you Atz !! That’s awesome. What an accomplishment at 70. Is Bonnie with you? Hope you have a blast in the beautiful Black Hills. God bless you and all of you family.

  2. ATZ your entire family strikes me as being go getters I enjoy your picking and singing on the Last Frontier. I think you were a song writer long long ago you keep up the good work you are doing for Humanity and I don’t think no one will fault you for anything.

  3. Congratulations Atz on “finally” becoming a songwriter… but I dunno’ & please forgive if I tend to disagree, but I’d say you were a songwriter (& a very good one at that) way back in ’78 with your 1st vinyl pressing of Born & Raised On Alaska Land, followed by Early Morning Gold in ’79 ~ both outstanding LP records ~ I love ’em & no music collection should be considered complete without them!! Knock ’em dead in SD Atz, you know, you’ve got GREAT talent far beyond your tender years ; )

    1. So happy for your success! Love your inspiring words Atz. Never too old to be a dream weaver. All you have to do is believe and then the magic starts happening😊

  4. Words, in the right hands, are such powerful things. You have been incredibly gifted to script such strong visuals and feelings from your experiences. It is so evident that you love what you do and do what you love. I hope you have a huge awareness of how much we appreciate you and your dear family opening up your private lives for us to live pieces of it with you. So many people carry you and Bonnie and all the Kilchers in their hearts just as if you were family. Oh how we look forward to watching the next shows. Have a GREAT TIME at the Songwriter’s Festival and know that a lot of fans already have a favorite!

  5. I have only been watching Alaska the last frontier since last fall and your family has healed a hole in my heart. your day to day struggle with daily life and the practical way you address each and every hurdle is inspiring. thank you for re-kindling the values and common sense in me that I had mislaid over the years. love the show.

    1. Lawrence,
      One of the most heart felt comments ever. You can credit our show, and I humbly accept your gratitude. However… you seem to have done all the hard inner work to be at a point to have your ears, eyes and soul turned on and ready. Way to go. Keep soaring

  6. Atz your writing comes from a lifetime of experiances and from the memories living in Homer and the family homestead and from the heart.the stories you relate will go on in the way the native peoples of the world pass their stories on to their children. “if you know something worthwhile tell the kids!! or sing them a song about how it was. love your songs Atz makes me think of my passed folks and some of the giggles and fun we had. looking forward to the new series Laurence another 70 year youngster. lol.

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