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Circling for Survival

“Life is simple, Life is good, When you’re living like you should” is a line from the theme song my daughter Jewel and I wrote for our reality show, Alaska: The Last Frontier.

Life indeed was more than good this morning as I was sitting in my little Cottonwood Grove practicing for my upcoming Portland, Oregon concert. I was practicing a new song I’m going to debut, which I just finished writing about a bow bearhunt I went on.

This photo was taken by my friend Scott Dickerson.

As I was hunting the black bear, a bald eagle was hunting and indeed killed a seagull to take to his nest. So I put the eagle in my song. “The eagle takes the seagull as he always will, we are all circling for survival, we are circling towards the kill.”

At that moment while practicing that line, I watch two robins pulling earthworms from the lawn. Darned if I know how they can listen to where those worms are underground and then find them and pull them up. It’s a matter of survival; the robins are hunting worms. So I put the robin in the same line with the eagle. “The robin takes the earthworm, the eagle makes its kill, we are all circling for survival we are circling towards the kill.”

Hope to see many of you in Portland, if not be well wherever you are, and remember to take the safe trail where life is simple, life is good when you’re living like you should. See you down the trail.


  1. Love that line! Too far away to make the concert, but will be looking for a CD in the near future…hopefully!

  2. Very best wishes to you & Bonnie for upcoming show in Portland, OR : ) Wish Darlene & I could be there, we love your music. Like Renny Pomeroy sez, “Will be looking for a CD in the near future…”, No pressure here ~ LOL

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