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I am a songwriter. Finally.

The older you get, the easier it is to reminisce, to look back on your glory days, to review the highlights of your life. I am not sure when my identity began evolving and developing, but I do know that when I wrote my first song at about age 13,[…]

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homestead games with Atz Kilcher willard cabin winter

Homestead games – Ice bowling

Even though we were secluded as a family in the early days on the homestead, as kids do anywhere, we played a lot. There were some of the standard indoor games such as checkers and Parcheesi and various card games. Outdoor games included tag and hide and go seek, Mother[…]

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Fish skin leather workshop

I’m at a weekend workshop across Kachemak Bay from Homer learning to turn slimy salmon skins into beautiful functional art. The goal is to make a salmon skin basket.  So far we’ve been very busy, not even time for lunch yet today! I have my first salmon skinned out.  The[…]

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Willard Cabin

For Men Only

Got my furry fuzzy felted slippers on this morning. I’m back up at the Willard cabin. I’m facing east, looking out that small window I stuck in that wall a couple years back. To my right, the south, is that big 3 x 4 window, with the view of the[…]

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Find your tribe

Lots of research out there indicates or actually proves, beyond a doubt, that us humans are a herd animal. And, of course, as in every herd, there are always a few loners. A few horses that are grazing at the edge of the herd, or just a little ways off. But[…]

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