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Homestead games – Ice bowling

Even though we were secluded as a family in the early days on the homestead, as kids do anywhere, we played a lot. There were some of the standard indoor games such as checkers and Parcheesi and various card games. Outdoor games included tag and hide and go seek, Mother[…]

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Fish skin leather workshop

I’m at a weekend workshop across Kachemak Bay from Homer learning to turn slimy salmon skins into beautiful functional art. The goal is to make a salmon skin basket.  So far we’ve been very busy, not even time for lunch yet today! I have my first salmon skinned out.  The[…]

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For Men Only

Got my furry fuzzy felted slippers on this morning. I’m back up at the Willard cabin. I’m facing east, looking out that small window I stuck in that wall a couple years back. To my right, the south, is that big 3 x 4 window, with the view of the[…]

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Find your tribe

Lots of research out there indicates or actually proves, beyond a doubt, that us humans are a herd animal. And, of course, as in every herd, there are always a few loners. A few horses that are grazing at the edge of the herd, or just a little ways off. But[…]

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It is a crystal clear, blue bird, sun coming over the snowcapped mountains kind of day. I am driving east into the sunrise, not great for the eyes but hopefully my spirit can guide me because it is difficult to see the road. I am heading out to my old[…]

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Atz and Bonnie Kilcher talking and listening.

Talking and Listening

Talking and listening, that’s a tough one. Ideally, the talker has just the same amount of words as the listener has just the amount room for. Ideally, when it is the listeners turn to speak, they in turn have just the exact number of words to neatly fill the listening shelves[…]

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