Atz Kilcher



Atz transforms roots of spruce, birch, cotton wood, alder, willow, elderberry, rose bush, and even devils club, into unique and beautiful pieces of art. Just as the growth rings of a tree have much to tell, each of his creations hold history, memories and stories. History of his parents, Yule and Ruth, homesteading in the 40’s. Stories of childhood homestead trails, canyons and alders and deep dark spruce forests which were his play ground. Stories of the Fox River Valley, cattle drives and round ups, horse rides and remote cabins, winding rivers and glaciers.

When asked what he does Atz replies, “I make stuff out of stuff, I take pieces of nature and rearrange them, give them new life, It’s my way of sharing the land I love with others. It’s also a way for me to honor the earth, to be intimate and stay in touch with her.”

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Atz Kilcher